Investigation & Research Services

If your world is all rainbows and lollipops you may not need my services. But, if you have questions, doubts or concerns, read on.

Could your questions be answered if you had access to internet research resources and services normally unknown and hidden from the average citizen?

Could your doubts be erased if you knew the truth, the whole truth – the truth discovered through all legal means possible.

Could you concerns be eased if you had the guidance and recommendation of a professional in the fields of intelligence, investigation, security, threat assessment and emergency preparedness.

Terry Platt does all of this and more. Give me a call: 251-649-5511

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Bar Jokes

Two pieces of tarmac are in a bar boasting to each other about how hard they were. “I was part of an airport runway, taking the weight of all those planes.” says one. “Yeah but they only arrive every few minutes. I was part of a motorway, constant traffic, I’m harder than you.” says the other.

Then a third piece of tarmac enters the bar and everybody goes silent and looks at their drinks. The piece of motorway whispers to the barman “who is this guy, why’s everybody scared of him?”

“Oh”, says the barman, “you don’t want to mess with him, he’s a cyclepath.”

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Linkedin: Viewing Profiles Anonymously

If you use Linkedin you have no doubt noticed that you receive notifcation when anyone looks at your profile. Taking a look at who is reviewing your profile is a good way to help measure any interest others may have in your profile and it is also a good way to add to your knowledge of the general interest of Linkedin members, i.e., who is looking for what or whom.

But what if you are the one doing the looking? Do you want the member to know you are there – looking at their profile? If not, relax, it’s very easy to adjust what members know when you take a look at their profile.

Linkedin Profile Privacy  and SettingsTo change the settings that control what others see when you view their profile, go to your own Linkedin account and place your cursor on your Linkedin photo or icon in the upper right corner of the page. Once you do this, a menu will drop down. Choose the “Privacy & Settings.”

You will now see several settings for “Privacy Controls” and “Settings.” Choose “Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile.”

Now you can choose from:

  • Your name and headline
  • Anonymous profile characteristics such as industry and title
  • You will be totally anonymous

Linkedin Profile SettingsAdjust these options according to your needs.



  • The first choice reveals your name, title and company.
  • The second choice gives only generic title information.
  • The third choice makes you totally anonymous.
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