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How To Get Internet TV

What I thought might be one of the final edits of my latest ebook turned out to be another phase of enhancement and clarification. Vickie and I discussed my progress yesterday and agreed that “it will be ready when its ready.” She’s real good about subtly, and in her own way, encouraging me to publish the highest quality information I can. I am now reading through the manuscript trying to include information that I think may be lacking. I’m adding the nitty-gritty stuff, the stuff Read More +

Funny For Free

Funny For Free is a new platform where you can watch funny videos, romantic comedies, mockumentaries, standup comedians, and more comedy movies than you can shake a rubber chicken at, all completely free.

Horror Films Action Movies Comedies

Horror Films Action Movies Comedies SnagXtreme takes you to the extreme in horror films, action movies, and comedies. From extreme cliff-diving to hunting serial killers to interviewing the most famous porn stars in the world SnagXtreme is an all new movie experience. You can view all the zombie mayhem, sexy thrills, extreme sports and insane balls-to-the-wall violence you can handle. SnagXtreme is your movie wake-up call. Enjoy over 8,000 independent movies and TV shows added all the time! Full-length movies and full TV show episodes!

Free Full Movies

This is the text I am including in my new ebook for another streaming service provider, SnagFilms: SnagFilms If documentaries and Indies are your thing, then SnagFilms may be the streaming service for you. The service is free and features a library of over 5,000 movies and television shows. From their website” “SnagFilms is like that cool local video store with unique indie films and exciting hidden movie treasures – except everything can be watched online! For those of us looking to discover something different, Read More +

Cutting The Cable: Today’s Entertainment Options

Every day I think I am getting closer to publishing my latest ebook and I guess I am but I keep finding information I would like to include so it keeps growing. I eventually will have to stop and publish. Maybe I will write another related ebook. I just found a new streaming service I wanted to let you know about. It’s a website that offers free streaming services. You can find it at: Here is the information from their site: SHOUT! FACTORY TV Read More +