Political Intrigue

I have finished the research requested by the hopeful soon-to-be candidate. If I had the time and the inclination, I would take the material discovered during this research and see if it might offer enough of a foundation for a novel in the Political Intrigue category. Alas, I have no talent for political fiction. This […]

Political Campaigns

I am now in the third week of research for a client that is comtemplating a run for a political office in his state. My research consists of identifying past newsworthy events related to the incumbent and from those events determine what internet activity, if any, may have been initiated by the constituents. It is […]

Spot The Fed

DEF CON is an annual event sponsored by and attended by hackers. You would think the U.S. Government would be interested in something like computer hacking and cyber stuff and they are. Every year except for the very first year, the gov has showed up. The relationship between DEF CON attendees and the feds has […]

I’m Over 50

I’m over 50 – don’t want to say exactly how much but I only mention it to go ahead and establish the fact that I’m old enough to know better. I can’t deny it any longer. It’s either a heavily embedded charcter trait or it’s a subconciously nurtured mean streak. I got the chance to […]

Life Will Find A Way

I guess this blog will not die. It’s certainly been burned, crushed and grossly disfigured over the years but here it is again. Kind of reminds me of the Jurassic Park movie: And, since I am easily distracted, let me distract you by telling you about somehing else I found while looking for the above […]