Freelance Writer and Editor

Talented, experienced freelance writer and copy editor. Writes about complex topics for a broad audience. Grammar and punctuation fanatic with a working knowledge of both Chicago and AP style. I write white papers, bylined articles, brochure copy, case studies, website copy, blog posts, ghost writing, creative fiction, non-fiction, EBooks and other venues.

Quickly learns and adapts to writing in key organizational leaders’ voices and conveying organizational vision on a variety of topics, for a variety of written platforms. Able to rapidly incorporate feedback and input into work. Creative and curious, willing to learn about the subject matter and accurately synthesize materials, and explain the topics at hand for a range of audiences.


  • Drafted a wide variety of written materials, ranging from op-eds, speeches, and blog posts, to fundraising e-mails and reports
  • Copy-editing public policy reports or organizational documents
  • Other tasks as assigned


  • Excellent Writing and Proofreading Skills. This includes experience writing for individuals at the executive level and working knowledge of the Associated Press Stylebook and Chicago Style
  • Have experience writing for social media
  • Ability to gain fluency in new projects and issues on an ongoing basis
  • Commited to Racial Equity and Justice
  • Strong understanding of the media and publishing cycle and have experience turning around work on a short deadline and quickly incorporating feedback

Copywriter / Web Content Specialist

Develop concept, and write copy for variety of advertising and marketing campaigns and other promotional materials i.e., short-form copy for advertisements, web content, video scripts, direct mailers, brochures, and sales scripts, plus long form copy such as magazine content, article writing, storytelling, etc.


  • Develop general website and email copy
  • Develop copy and content for products and services
  • Develop copy and content for a variety of writing projects
  • Brainstorm branding campaigns
  • Make corrections/and or changes on materials where needed
  • Partner with management to deliver original content-based ideas for brand
  • Research brands and past success metrics in preparation for projects
  • Integrate brand’s personality into multiple components, creating a clear, consistent copy story across multiple platforms
  • Research the technical properties of product and services being offered
  • Monitor and change advertising campaigns to change effectiveness
  • Work with media planners/buyers and the production department to fully develop the advertising campaign
  • Any additional responsibilities as per management direction


  • Excellent writing ability with proven track record of marketing communications and solid portfolio of success
  • Problem solving skills including the ability to gather and analyze information quickly and develop alternative solutions in a group content
  • Understanding of business implications of decisions with a focus on aligning work with strategic goals
  • Well organized and able to meet deadlines consistently with high quality work
  • Strong knowledge of software products and web related technologies
  • Creative thinker able to brainstorm new and exciting copy on a regular basis
  • IT proficient
  • Ability to work within a team environment
  • Ability to adapt to changes in the work environment and multitask among competing demands


Ghost Writing and Editing Services

Professional writing and editing services backed by more than 15 years of experience. I have worked with individuals across the country on fiction and non-fiction projects.

You can depend on my help with ghost writing or full service editing whether your goal is a novel, biography, self-help book, business book or screenplay.

Editing Services

Prepare text for publication through correcting, condensing or otherwise modifying.


Freelance Multi-Media Journalist

Need help getting your message out? I am a motivated, energetic, creative and aggressive Multi Media Journalist who can think and perform outside the box. I develop story ideas and gather information for newscasts, advertisements and social media venues.

Along with photography and diting skills, I have sound writing skills a a great work ethic coupled with a can-do attitude.

Able to seek out trending and hot developments and write and edit stories while under pressure.


  • Over ten years of experience in internet research
  • Over ten years experience interviewing and reporting


  • Strong writing and copy editing skills

Technical Writing Services

Terry has excellent research, organization and communications skills as well as 15+ years of intenet research experience.

I can work closely with your training and management teams as well as subject matter experts to write or edit procedural documentation for your instructional guidelines. I also offer ongoing management of those documents in order to keep your business compliant and productive.

In summary, I offer:

  • review and edit of existing procedural documentation for logic, text and grammar
  • consultation with subject matter experts to develop new documentation
  • research services
  • creation of new documentation
  • template and form design for standardized implementation

In addition, I offer licensing arrangements for an existing collection of field service and property preservation material.


Technical Writer


Copywriting Services: Persuasive advertising and marketing copy for business, individuals & products.

Ad Copy


Linkedin profiles

Blog Posts: Typically 300 – 500 words. 300-500




Web copy: information page long copy, high-profile selling pages, news pages. 200-600

Bylines: 1.50/word

Ghost Articles: 1.75/word

Journalistic copy


Stick Letters

Technical writing

Audio & Video Scripts


Editing Services: Grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity and consistency.

Message consulting
Content writing
SEO copywriting: appealing content with search engine prominence.
Copy editing
Fact checking

Marketing Services: Ideas and content that sell!

SEO consulting
Memorable headlines
Perception Positioning
Reputation Management
Search engine optimization
Product Naming
Customer Case Studies / Customer Success Stories: Typically average 2-3  pages and 800-1200 words. May be up to 4 if graphics are included. Includes interviews. Used to show product or service delivers as advertised. 1200-1800.

White Papers: Typically 5 – 10 pages. 3000-6000
Technical Writing: user manuals, product descriptions
Press Releases

Research Services:

Opposition Research
Perception Positioning℠

 Publishing Services: For publishing services, visit


Transmedia Journalism

Comics and Cartoons

In a media rich world, adult students demand high impact, short attention span satisfying information. Our comic and cartoon creations entertain while educating students in a 24 / 7 classroom they can carry in their pocket.

Blog Management Services

Your blog is the single most important part of your content marketing strategy. Period. Without a blog, you have a huge gaping hole in your internet presence.

Competitor Analysis

Assessment of strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. Provide both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.

Reputation Managment Services

If you don’t manage your online reputation, someone else will do it for you. Go ahead and leave now. Start looking around for something more interesting to read. Besides, this post does not apply to you – unless you’re looking for a job, posting a job opening, trying to get home or auto insurance, own a business or just generally taking up space on the planet.

SEO Services

Ascertain visibility in organic search results as it relates to intended audience. Take necessary corrective actions, implement and monitor strategy for increased relevance.

Social Media Monitoring

Discover overall visibility on social media through active monitoring of social media channels. Measure impact and identify opportunities.