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Horror Films Action Movies Comedies

Horror Films Action Movies Comedies SnagXtreme takes you to the extreme in horror films, action movies, and comedies. From extreme cliff-diving to hunting serial killers to interviewing the most famous porn stars in the world SnagXtreme is an all new movie experience. You can view all the zombie mayhem, sexy thrills, extreme sports and insane balls-to-the-wall violence you can handle. SnagXtreme is your movie wake-up call. Enjoy over 8,000 independent movies and TV shows added all the time! Full-length movies and full TV show episodes! www.snagxtreme.com

Cutting The Cable: Today’s Entertainment Options

Every day I think I am getting closer to publishing my latest ebook and I guess I am but I keep finding information I would like to include so it keeps growing. I eventually will have to stop and publish. Maybe I will write another related ebook. I just found a new streaming service I wanted to let you know about. It’s a website that offers free streaming services. You can find it at: www.shoutfactorytv.com. Here is the information from their site: SHOUT! FACTORY TV Read More +

Free TV: Cutting The Cable | Apple TV Update

I am now into my fourth week of writing “Free TV: Cutting The Cable” and have arrived at the time to edit, verify information and check links. As I said in my previous post, I have had to change information several times a week just because streaming TV is so dynamic right now. It’s been fun though. I decided it might be smart for me to check current status of my own streaming devices and lo and behold, I discovered there had been a huge Read More +